Business Restructuring and Insolvency
Management Consultancy
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Providing a diverse range of services to businesses and individuals at various stages of growth, stability and decline

Services can be tailored to be project specific, short, medium or longer term depending on your needs.

We only engage when we can add value.

A brief discussion or meeting is all that is needed to identify opportunities to add value to you or your business.

An initial consultation is always free of charge

Business Restructuring and

Insolvency Services

  • Alternatives to formal insolvency processes

  • Members' Voluntary Liquidation 

  • Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation 

  • Administration

  • Company Voluntary Arrangement

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangment

  • Bankruptcy

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Management Consultancy

  • ​Supporting existing finance functions

  • Short term or longer term project related engagements

  • Buy/sell of businesses and assets

  • Cash flow forecast preparation

  • Management account preparation

  • Contractual matters

  • Business setup

  • Negotiations with lenders, customers, creditors

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Funding and Refinance Solutions

  • Funding for start-ups

  • Raising new or additional funding

  • Refinancing from an existing lender

  • Lender services

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Forensic Accounting

  • Evaluating and investigating fraudulent activity to calculate loss

  • Assisting legal advisers through litigation processes

  • Business valuations

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

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A formal engagement letter is issued to all clients, which specifically details costs and the services provided. It is important to our clients and us at the outset of any engagement that there is no ambiguity of what is to be delivered and at what cost.


We are aware of the impact that formal insolvency procedures have on all stakeholders. Advice will only be provided to enter into a formal insolvency process if it is the most appropriate course of action. This method of working differs to some of the common held perceptions that clients have of an insolvency practitioner.

If we do not believe we can add value, we will not engage. We can still assist, however, by providing contact details of an appropriate individual/organisation. We have long standing relationships with:

  •  All tiers of the lending market, from high street lenders to bespoke funding providers

  •  Professional advisers - solicitors, other accountants providing specific expertise

  •  Other business owners and high net worth individuals