Services for Individuals

We provide advice to individuals in financial distress whether they are employed, sole traders, in partnership or are directors/owners of companies.

It is important to take advice as soon as possible if you are facing financial distress or a creditor is pursuing you.

We can assist in the following scenarios:

  • Lender's pursuing personal guarantees

  • Individuals already subject to formal insolvency procedures

  • Dealing with creditors, whether it be HMRC, lenders or trade creditors

  • Advising with regard to entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) (see the Creditor portal for further information on IVA's)

  • Advising on the consequences of Bankruptcy (see the Creditor portal for further information on Bankruptcy)

  • Sourcing appropriate advisers

ELS is not FCA regulated. We therefore work with trusted independent financial advisers, to provide appropriate advice to individuals as they require.